Why Zirtual?

We only hire college-educated US-based virtual assistants

We Only Hire College Educated Assistants in the United States

Imagine you've screened thousands of college-educated and highly trained assistants and prepared them for this very job—and you only had to pick one. We've done that for you.

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College educated

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Less than 2% of applicants hired

Professionally trained virtual assistants: looking down on person typing on a laptop.

Professionally Trained. Ready Today.

Your new Virtual Assistant has already been professionally trained for this role—and they are ready right now.

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Highly trained in administrative tasks

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Professionally managed and supported

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Proficient in Microsoft, Google, and most popular productivity suites

Get a new ZA quickly if yours is a bad fit: woman with black-framed glasses typing on laptop.

Bad fit? No problem.

Concerned that your particular Virtual Assistant isn't the right fit? No problem. One email to our Support team and you've got another great team member ready to go immediately. No uncomfortable conversations and minimal downtime. Plus we already have all of your preferences and history saved and ready to transfer!

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No-hassle replacement

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One email and done

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All of your preferences are ready to go

Compare Zirtual to the Alternatives

ConcernHire Full-TimeOutsourced Tasks
Time to StartImmediate4-8 Weeks1 Week
Replacement EffortEasy: One EmailDifficult: New HireDifficult: New Hire
TrainingProfessionally Done2-4 WeeksSpotty
ExpertiseDiverse SkillsetsSpecific to 1 PersonSpecific to Contractor

Put more time into what you do best

Meet the Zirtual Assistant who will support you

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