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Circle outlineWhy Zirtual?

At Zirtual we understand the time, cost, and effort it takes to hire an assistant. You want someone qualified and experienced, and you need them to able to get to work right away.

So let us handle the hiring legwork for you! We only hire US-Based, college educated assistants, and of the over 1,000 applications we get each month, we only accept 2%.

Working with a Zirtual assistant gives you access to the very best the US has to offer, rather than only what is available to you locally.

Sound like the kind of team you want to work with?

Why US-Based?

While it’s true that overseas virtual assistants cost a little less, there can be issues when it comes to communication and familiarity with American culture.

Hiring in the US also allows us to do a thorough background check on each candidate, to ensure we can protect our client’s security and trust.

Your assistant’s profile will actually tell you what part of the country they live in, and many of our clients have even met their assistant in person!

1. No Time Zone Issues

Having an assistant that works half a world away can make it difficult to connect easily. Things like last minute tasks, having your virtual assistant sit in on a meeting to take notes, or even daily phone calls are much more simple to coordinate in US time zones.

With Zirtual, you get to choose whether you’d like an assistant that works Eastern or Pacific time, so they work when you need them!

2. No Language Barrier

The need for clear communication is a top priority with an assistant, but when working with a virtual assistant it becomes even more critical since most of the information you share will be through email, text or phone.

When you aren’t working with your assistant face-to-face, you need to know that they that will be able to communicate with you easily, and represent you well when communicating with your clients and business contacts.

3. No Culture Barriers

By having a US-Based VA you’ll ensure there aren’t any issues in understanding American money, travel systems, pop culture, slang, measurements, or media.

The simple knowledge of common US retailers, restaurants, and economy will make a big difference in the amount of explaining and information you’ll need to provide to get many tasks done properly the first time.

Other Benefits

Our Zirtual assistants have years of experience working with US companies and common US programs and platforms. This greatly reduces the need for you to conduct special training, and allows you to begin enjoying the benefits of more free-time and increased productivity right away.

Another benefit of having a US-Based assistant is the ability to request an assistant with knowledge of certain areas. Need your VA to be familiar with downtown Chicago? Prefer someone located in the Dallas, Texas area? Just let us know. While we can’t guarantee it, we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

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I've just had two of the most productive weeks I've had in years. Ben was perfectly matched to my temperament, and has been taking all the backlogged work off my plate and finishing it. I'm really impressed.

Steve Simitzis
Steve SimitzisCTO & Co-Founder, Let's Date

Zirtual has been amazing! All of the issues and concerns that I had in previously working with an off-shore company have been sorted at Zirtual.

Michael Puhala
Michael PuhalaVP, Worldwide Sales Engr., Lithium Tech.

Zirtual is indispensable for young companies and business owners. Zirtual is one of those operating unlocks that once you have it, you don't know how you lived without it.

Mike Maser
Mike MaserCEO & Co-founder, FitStar
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